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  • Tuesday ,12 January 2016

Al-Sisi gives a lesson at Christmas eve


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Tuesday ,12 January 2016

Al-Sisi gives a lesson at Christmas eve

For the second year, the President headed to the great Cathedral in Abbassia to congratulate Christians on Christmas. Al-Sisi made a historic visit to the church to congratulate Coptic Christians on their feast. Former presidents in Egypt had chances to be the first to do this, but it was God’s will that al-Sisi would be the first to visit a church at Christmas eve to congratulate the Coptic Christians on Christmas and to give example to the next presidents in Egypt.

Such visit came as challenge to the Salafis and the Wahhabi ideology that prohibit congratulating Christians on their feasts. The president invited all Christians to avoid division and seek unity.
It was recorded in history that the president was the first to apologize for Coptic Christians, when he apologized for being late at reconstruction of burned churches by the terrorists after the revolution of June 30.
Such apology came by a brave president who seeks reformation, just like several presidents did including the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who read an apology directed to Indigenous Australians for the abuse, humiliation and massacres they suffered from the white men. The German government apologized as well for its massacres against the Jews.
The president has given an example of modesty giving his people another reason to love him. He indeed gain respect by Christians for such apology. 
All officials should learn from such speech and abandon their arrogance that makes them protect wrong decisions.
Such apology makes me dare and ask the president to reconsider the aged laws as well as curricula. Religion curricula should be replaced by national unity curricula for the sake of our home land. Long live Egypt.