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  • Saturday ,09 January 2016

The rise of a great leader

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,09 January 2016

The rise of a great leader

As we all know,  just last Wednesday we all celebrated the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Midnight mass is always a time for celebration.  Everyone comes  excited for many reasons. Some of us dress up in our best clothes, some of us can't wait to take communion so we can eat some meat, all of us come ready to celebrate  and event that happens once a year and is cherished in our hearts. 

Imagine you go to church praying,  minding your own business, and suddenly out of nowhere or the president of your country comes to congratulate you on this special event.  This is the second year in a row that President Sisi  came to congratulate his Holiness Pope Tawadros ll  jeering Christmas mass.  He came and rallied up the congregation, and said a few nice words, while laughing and smiling with everyone. He even heard the congregation break out in cheers, rooting for him and showing their appreciation. 
I want to emphasize that I truly respect our leader.  not only for the things he said but the way he approached copts Christians it's an open hearts and full respect.  Even Anwar Sadat  never entered the cathedral to congratulate the Christians on their Christmas.  Sisi, I believe, is beginning a new trend in our country.  He is demonstrating that  just because he is of a different religion, doesn't mean he cannot celebrates with citizens  and interact with them with dignity and respect.   I hope that others in the community can see what he is doing and acting the same manner.  There is nothing more beautiful than people coming together and treating each other  like human beings as God created us. 
This idea of segregation, and hard feelings between the people, needs to stop indefinetlly. We cannot move forward as a country, if we still harbour hatred, or disrespect for each other. Yes, there have been alot of tragedies we have had to encounter, and Sisi himself apologized. But we cannot hold on to that anger, because this is our land, our freedom, our livelihood that is at stake. 
Having said that, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and hope that we can continue on this path for the many years to come. I applaud Sisi, and want to express my happiness with starting the year off on a positive note.