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  • Thursday ,07 January 2016

The divinity of the clergy

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,07 January 2016

The divinity of the clergy

Before the monotheistic religions, people worshipped idols, animals, plants, sun and moon. They offered several offerings believing they are true gods. Today, several people are atheists who don’t recognize the existence of God at all. Other countries ban holy books of other religions that they don’t recognize and forbid building their houses of worship. In fact, so many gods were created by men and next are few examples:

First: god of money since money has became the primary goal of all peoples who are enslaved to it rather than true God. Those people lost their values, customs and traditions and even became criminals. Even countries wage wars seeking this god.
Second: god of possession. This god is worshipped by the governors and kings who enslaved other people and are willing to do anything in order to save their kingdoms. They used everything in order to keep their positions and traded on religion. They invested in their armies and interfered in the internal policies of the neighboring countries to prevent the “infection” of democracy that may lead to the overthrow of their governments.
Third: the clergy gods. Those are ordinary people who have practiced priesthood as a profession and wrote several books that were later considered holy even if they contradict with science and technology. 
Those gods are able to control the constitution and law in their countries. Those who criticize them are subject to punishment and imprisonment.  This is the situation in all developing countries that made gods of the clergy unlike the developed countries that put an end to the domination of clergy and separated religion from politics. 
Those gods have been used to trade on religion and punish the opposition in order to preserve the religious identity that was adopted by the rulers. Such identity didn’t prevent them from inciting hatred and violence claiming support of their religion.
The Western countries only developed after they separated religion from politics. Thus, the clergy in the underdeveloped countries couldn’t hide their hatred for the West. They decided to spread terrorism and to execute the thinkers and to stop satellite channels that expose their evil and dictatorships. I hope our countries and minds are liberated. I hope they will get rid of such fake gods and let those clergy take care of religion only?