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  • Wednesday ,06 January 2016

MB leaders before court of appeals

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,06 January 2016

MB leaders before court of appeals

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood stand before court of appeals after they were sentenced to death penalty for killing demonstrators before their headquarters in Mokattam.

Therefore, I republish my article that I wrote on November 10, 2015. I said that Egyptian judiciary is a great one, but it takes very long time to issue verdicts. It takes years and years to achieve justice. This was clear during the trials of masters and leaders of terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood. The evidence is crystal clear with several documents and videos for their crimes. However, two years have passed without final verdicts. Several verdicts of death penalty were not applied as well. This gives them great opportunity to conspire against Egypt putting greater pressure on her through the fifth column and the conspiratorial media! 
Sayed Kotb, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested on August 9, 1965 and sentenced to death penalty after one year. Moreover, facing threat to its national security, Britain begins the trials in the same day of the incident, and issue verdicts at the same day.
One of the calamities experienced by the country, the tragic assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat. During his funeral, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said it’s important to amend the Criminal Procedure Code in order to achieve fast justice. However, we heard nothing after all, and justice is still very slow.
Consider several terrorists and leaders of the terrorist organization who threaten our national security. Will they continue to achieve justice? Will the Egyptian judiciary respond to achieve such justice? I hope that Ahmed el-Zend, Minister of Justice, will move to achieve justice. This is the only way for stability, security and development of our homeland.