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  • Tuesday ,05 January 2016

Sex comes first and foremost

Basant Mousa

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Tuesday ,05 January 2016

Sex comes first and foremost

Sex and religion are taboos in our Eastern societies; however, sex remains our first and last among our concerns. 

In fact, religion in our Eastern societies is the first tool to earn money and control of the shattered minds. It is also the nice door to practice terrorism and violence, and to promise ultimate pleasure through sex for terrorists in the other life!
There is no wonder that such terrorists accept to explode their bodies along with their victims to get such forbidden pleasure.
The majority of clergy teach that sexual sins are more worrisome for God than lying. The reason for this entire divine wrath against sex remains unknown. According to the clergy, God never gets angry for other sins like lying, deception and hypocrisy. 
The laws in Egypt adopted the same idea of the clergy. Police established department to fight “illegal sex”! Those have decided and accepted to have sex even if in exchange for money are criminalized by law, but poverty, hunger, robbing and violence doesn’t face the same wrath by community or even God in our point of view.
Sex is the biggest concern for the majority of the clergy and the examples are many. Fasting contradicts with sex. Sex out of marriage is prohibited. Sex is the prize for terrorists in the other life. The world is developing, but we are still thinking about sex and therefore still facing retardation and backwardness.