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  • Friday ,01 January 2016

The person not the Regime

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,02 January 2016

The person not the Regime

Every day I read about the carelessness that exists everywhere in Egypt. Whenever I hear the expression, “The regime hasn’t changed” I think, have we ever thought about reversing this statement so it becomes, “The people haven’t changed,” instead of the regime?


I still see people throwing garbage all over the street, what does this have to with the regime? I still see people trying to pay and take bribes to finish what they want in a way convenient for them, regardless of the system. Is this related to the regime or to the people themselves?


We have been demanding a change in regime since the January 25th revolution, but have we ever thought to change our behaviour first? Have we ever thought to work hard to achieve what we want? Have we ever thought to not throw garbage on the street, and take care of our country? Have we ever thought to get what we want through honest effort and not through bribery?


I believe that Egyptians, including myself, need to review their behaviour before asking to change any regime. The regime is not responsible for fixing our morals, we are. How can the regime follow up with everyone making sure they are doing their work appropriately and productively? It’s impossible for the regime to supervise 90 million people and make sure that they are doing the right thing. 


We need a real change, and when I say real change, I mean our attitudes, our behaviour, and our perspective about the role of the regime. There is no regime in the whole world that can censor their own people in everything they do.

In conclusion, I want to emphasis that the problem is not always the regime. The problem needs to be solved within ourselves before we can even request a change from the regime itself.