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  • Thursday ,31 December 2015

Egyptian elections III

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,31 December 2015

Egyptian elections III
At the beginning of the year 2016, the Egyptian Parliament will hold its very first sessions in which the president and the two agents will be elected.
The President will attend the second session at the next day to give a speech for the nation before the elected Parliament to mark the beginning of the Egyptian parliament work.
This way, the road map will be implemented following the revolution of June 30. This means that we have theoretically completed the democratic structure in Egypt, but in fact this structure has not yet been started.
Illiteracy in Egypt has extended to the political life just like poverty did. Both led to illiterate voter and nominee.  
This election brought unworthy members of the Parliament in such critical time experienced by the nation.
Several members of the Parliament fought one another in order to gain some interests. One of those members decided to treat his nation as an enemy in case he was not elected president of the Parliament.
Others decided to gain personal interests even before they start their work as members of the Egyptian parliament or serving the nation as they claim.
I demand the government to finance a satellite television to monitor those MPs and tell the people about members of their Parliament.