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  • Thursday ,24 December 2015

What are the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood fighting for?

By-Mostafa al-Nagar-egyptindependent



Thursday ,24 December 2015

What are the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood fighting for?

The Muslim Brotherhood has always kept its internal problems secret from the media and even from its own grassroots.

But since 2005, blogs on the internet served as an outlet for the young members of the group to express themselves and criticize the thoughts and political positions of the group, as many of them withdrew from the group and adopted their own liberal or leftist ideas.
The group's leaders managed to get rid of those who criticized them at that time, stressing that the internal affairs should not be divulged to the media, even by leading figures like Al-Erian or Abul Fottouh.
Today we see a raging battle between figures of the Muslim Brotherhood fighting for its leadership, each claiming he is the true representative of the group’s thoughts and political inclinations. 
Statements are issued in London, followed by counter statements from Turkey or Egypt, all talking about some revolutionary movement probably in a parallel world that only those leaders can see. Each one of them opens a website for himself and claims he is the voice of the group.
It is an absurdity similar to quarrels between little kids over a computer game.
All the atrocities those leaders did to Egypt, to the revolution and to the group itself were not enough for them to get out of sight and ask God to forgive them for what they did. 
Among those leaders abroad are some who have contributed to the bloodshed in the Rabaa al-Adaweya tragedy with their intransigence and political stupidity, making blood the language of dialogue and the tool to impose opinion, thereby creating a miserable period of Egypt’s history whose price everyone will pay for.
They belong in a mental hospital. For they keep fighting amongst themselves instead of reviewing their mistakes, considering a political settlement to end the problems of their detainees and returning to the scene after repudiating violence in order to fit in the new equation that has no place for the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The Brotherhood is suffering from an ethical degradation that hit its feuding leaders. They are narrow-minded and isolated from reality. The blood that was shed curses them for creating the climate for it.
God curses all murderers.