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  • Thursday ,17 December 2015

Yemen, the straw that breaks the back of Saudi Arabia

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,17 December 2015

Yemen, the straw that breaks the back of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia made a mistake when decided to finance civil war in many neighboring countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Recently, the Syrian National Army supported by Russian Air Force restored villages belonging to the Syrian province of Hasaka, which is inhabited by Christians. This came after ISIS destroyed many villages, burned their churches, killed its men and raped its women. 
When the Russian air strike against ISIS began, Saudi Arabia lost her mind. Its clergy received orders to incite against Russia believing that ISIS follows pure Islam, and therefore, they have support the terrorist organization. They also found that saving the rest of Christians in Syria is a calamity!
The Saudi regime made a mistake in 2011 by thinking the Syrian regime was about to fail. They also attacked Yemen supported by the United States of America. 
In fact, Yemen will bring the end of the Saudi regime. Soon, we will see the Saudi Arabia turning into wreckage according to the prophecy of the Prophet Isaiah regarding Saudi Arabia referred to as the town of Edom and Joktan.