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  • Thursday ,10 December 2015

Egyptian Railway and belonging values

Medhat Bishay

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Thursday ,10 December 2015

Egyptian Railway and belonging values

The government has recently created a body to ensure quality of Education. However, such quality has nothing to do with the free university education. 

At the same time several disasters and accidents happened in Egypt include traffic and means of transportation, I found a book in my library that was issued in 1929 by the Ministry of Public Knowledge as part of the curricula 75 years ago. 
The Minister of Education Ali Maher wrote to Mr. Ahmed Amin asking him to write such book about National Education after the rest of the curricula were changed.
 This happens before the July revolution more than 25 years, which puts an end to the argument that the feelings of national belonging were the best at the time of the revolution.
The great book consists of 200 pages and gives wonderful definitions of the nation and the homeland, state and government, the Constitution and freedoms including personal freedom, freedom of action and thought, education, and religion. It stresses valises of equal citizenship. 
However, I stopped at the chapter talking about the Egyptian railway at that time. It says that it’s very important mean of transportation that the state takes care of. Railway lines stretched across the country about 13,000 kilometers.
The budget of Egyptian railway in 1929 was 6,850,000 pounds, which is apparently a lot of money. The companies of the private sector also participated in the projects and were mentioned in the book.
Would I advise officials in the Ministry of Education to read this book to re-examine our curriculum? Can we demand the existence of similar values uphold the values of loyalty and belonging in the new curricula? I salute the writers of the book and offer my sincere condolences to our education nowadays.