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  • Wednesday ,25 November 2015

Copts and the sacred silence

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,25 November 2015

Copts and the sacred silence

Christian citizens in Egypt dream of being martyrs. This is how their church teaches them. They believe they are very weak and less important before the government than other citizens. They fight in order to get permits to build houses of worship. Such facts tuned Coptic Christian into such weak personalities. The dream of obtaining leadership positions became sort of impossible.

This situation became more complicated under spiritual leaderships that used to appease the regime seeking false peace and stability. 
Political parties refused to nominate Copts in parliamentary elections considering them a losing bet. Therefore, the Copts kept waiting for the president to appoint them in the parliament in order to represent the Copts and have such honor of being an MP. It’s a totally wrong idea that Copts should be only represented by Copts!
The British political analyst John Bradley wrote a book called "Egypt on the brink of revolution" in which he said that the Mubarak regime used to encourage sedition between Muslims and Copts. They would have lived in peace unless the system encourages such extremist ideology. He also assured that the Egyptian people won’t tolerate this situation for long.
Supporters of the former regime said that the Copts enjoyed better life under the former regime, but the Copts journalist Rober Faris denied such idea completely in his book "Mubarak and the Copts  ... days of blood and hope". We shall talk later about the importance of changing the cultural and media discourse.