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  • Thursday ,12 November 2015

Berhamy and Poula from religion to politics

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,12 November 2015

Berhamy and Poula from religion to politics
Religion is different from politics since politics is full of hypocrisy, deceit, and lying. Clergy who work in politics should stay away from religion in order not to offend religion.
After Berhamy and Paula played the hypocrite in committee to amend the constitution, they tried to mobilize the people to vote in favor of certain candidates in the parliamentary elections. This comes after they passed a religious based constitution according to their preferences. 
Borhamy is now trying to show affection to his enemies in order to save what can be saved in the upcoming parliament claiming he does so for the sake of the nation.
As for Paula, he tried to appear once again as spiritual and political leader for the Coptic people and invites them to vote in favor of certain electoral list.
Egyptians who overthrew one religion-based regime in June 30 won't follow another one so soon. "In Love of Egypt" is such a bad list to vote for since it's full of suspicious names in the second phase of the elections. I advise them to vote in favor of the Republican coalition for social forces that has better names for people who didn't incite against the Copts or accuse them during the Maspero massacre.
Mr. Sameh Yazal, coordinator of the list assured that 4 soldiers were killed by the Copts during the Maspero massacre. Osama Heikal, Minister of information, who used the state television to incite against the Copts at the time of the massacre.
The list also includes several businessmen of the dissolved National Party who are accused of corruption. 
The Egyptians need a civil constitution that grants freedoms and rights away from racism. Such constitution should take into consideration human rights acknowledged by the UN and Egyptian professors of international law and constitution.