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  • Wednesday ,11 November 2015

Why the Russian aircraft in Sinai?

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Wednesday ,11 November 2015

Why the Russian aircraft in Sinai?

The spring Arab of demolition was supposed to enter its second phase by destroying kingdoms of the gulf countries. Yet, the situation in Egypt and Syria postponed this phase for a while. However, such delay didn't please the supervisors of creative chaos project.

Asad should have left and armed militias should have spread in Syria like Libya for more destruction. Egypt was supposed to be controlled by ISIS after destroying the pyramids and churches, and slaying the Copts.
Supervisors of creative chaos project decided to stir more conflicts and destruction by destroying the Egyptian economy and tourism. The Russian airplane accident was their way to do so. They didn't care about the death of 224 civilians including children. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack before Britain, America, France, Germany, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Russia suspended its flights to Egypt.
This caused a crisis for the Egyptian economy and losses estimated at 5 billion $US. The attack should encourage ISIS to carry out more terrorist attacks against Russia.
Dozens of Saudi scholars invited Muslims for jihad against Russia. American bases in the Gulf suddenly became an Islamic battalion.
Egypt is now targeted as well as her economy. The Nile river is also threatened by the Ethiopian Renaissance dam, which was financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates under the blessings of Washington and Tel Aviv. The Egyptian leadership today is facing great challenges and have to strengthen the internal front against the Islamists who support ISIS inside.