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  • Wednesday ,04 November 2015

People should teach Osama a lesson


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Wednesday ,04 November 2015

People should teach Osama a lesson

The Egyptians know Mr. Osama Heikal, one Maspero officials who were responsible for the great massacre against the peaceful Coptic demonstrators. The official state television incited against Christians by claiming that the Christian demonstrators have attacked the Egyptian army and killed several soldiers.

Maspero Massacre was initially staged as demonstrations on October 2011 by a group dominated by Egyptian Copts in reaction to the demolition of a church in Upper Egypt claimed to be built without appropriate license. The peaceful protesters who intended to stage a sit-in in front of the Maspiro television building were attacked by security forces and the army, resulting in 28 deaths, mostly among the Coptic protestors, and 212 injuries, most of which were sustained by Copts.
Now, this Osama is nominated to run in the parliamentary elections. I believe that voters should teach him a lesson just like they did with the Salafis in the first phase of elections.
I urge the Egyptian voters to make sure they vote for the right people. They should give another lesson to Osama as well as those who nominated him to run on their electoral lists in the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections.