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  • Wednesday ,28 October 2015

Egyptian online forces


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Wednesday ,28 October 2015

Egyptian online forces

I knew the Egyptian online forces after the dispersal of Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-ins. At that time, several Egyptian governmental websites were under attack until the Egyptian hackers appeared calling themselves Egyptian online forces. They don’t belong to the government, but they do belong to Egypt. Therefore, they started to attack counter Egypt websites that incite against police and army.

Last February, I met with Khaled Abu Bakr, spokesperson for the team. He told me that millions of US dollars are paid to other hackers in order to attack Egyptian governmental websites and send messages to terrorist elements in Egypt using their pages.
Egypt is facing new war by evil organizations aiming to steal information, and spread frustration and extremism among the young people. They are new kinds of terrorists who don’t carry bombs and explosives, but lead others to do so.
The Egyptian online forces could penetrate the website of ISIS in Tel Aviv, which put many question marks about the role of Israel in supporting ISIS to destroy Syria and Iraq. 
Egypt indeed needs hundreds of those online forces to face the great online danger. Rumors spread online are able to do a lot. This technology is used by social networking sites’ activists. Egypt has to face such war by real Egyptian online forces that are supported by the state to defend Egypt against its enemies.