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  • Tuesday ,27 October 2015

Egyptian revolution against religious parties


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Tuesday ,27 October 2015

Egyptian revolution against religious parties

Egyptians proved during the first phase of the Egyptian elections that the revolution is still going to cleanse Egypt of corruption and Religious fanaticism that hit the country since Sadat's rule that witnessed the emergence of political Islam.

The ruling regime used political Islam to hit the opposition. Saudi Arabia backed extremist groups aiming to spread Wahabbism in Egypt.  After January revolution, the Military Council recognized the terrorist groups and the religious parties, and gave them the country to ensure their safe exit.
Then, a new regime came after the revolution of June 30, and soon Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was elected president. However, the penetration of the fifth column to state institutions changed the situation once again. The Wahabbi support for religious parties and customary reconciliation sessions that disrespect the law.
The first phase of the elections was like a new revolution conducted by 25% of the voters to overthrow religious parties. It was a message to the president to stop supporting countries that support terrorism and religious parties at the same time.
Therefore, we have to participate in the elections to protect our revolution and overthrow the rest of religious parties. The state should take heed that members of al-Nour Islamic party may incite violence and sectarian strife. They may also join IS in Western-Egypt and announce it an Islamic state! 
is still master of the situation as a result of the Wahhabi money that worked on the continuation of the religious parties and the reconciliation meetings customary in spite of all of the Constitution and the law and do not get out the role of the common worship law to light resulting in the loss of people's confidence in the government's popularity and the low capital and this was clear during the first round of the first stage of the elections, the current People's Assembly, which was a successful popular revolution carried out by a quarter of eligible voters in order to drop the religious parties that failed to state in the resolution and to send a message warning to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi not obey behind donor countries to Egypt and sponsor terrorism Aldaashy and religious parties at the same time. So it is our duty we Egyptians and especially the party to get off the couch strongly Hamas and the same revolution in the June run-off to celebrate the fall of the electoral commissions Salafi Nour party locally and Wahabaa Mlguenin lesson Qasia the Egyptian government in all its institutions that people are still able to change. Nor Agrena slogans and lies that launched the leadership of Nur Party Wahhabi recently built on the pious and religious advisory opinions on the parliamentary elections towards the state and the president and Copts, warning state and its institutions cautious in the coming period, especially election days whether they return or the second phase next month from the conduct of members of Nur party to violence and inciting sectarian strife to disturb the atmosphere of the elections and called for scaling this terrorist party before they officially announced to joining Daash taking Western Egypt adjacent to the borders of Libya, which is controlled by the organization of the Islamic Emirate of State Aldaashy them international support.