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  • Wednesday ,07 October 2015

Saudi regime calls for jihad against the Russians

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Wednesday ,07 October 2015

Saudi regime calls for jihad against the Russians

Saudi regime is repeating the calls to jihad that were heard in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. It presented 52 Saudi scholars in Syria to incite against the Red Army according to Arabia news website. 

Russians are not stupid and should have known that their military intervention in Syria against IS would annoy the Saudi regime and push it to call for jihad against Russia just like it did in Afghanistan. Russia must know that the world will have no peace before destroying the terrorist organizations supported by the Saudi regime, and also destroying the entire terrorist regime.  
The United States is convinced that the Saudi regime became a threat to human society. After the American Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Michael G. Vickers, had pushed Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to generate IS, Russia and Iran pushed fighters of IS towards the Saudi borders.
This is the best way to slaughter Wahhabism using the knife of ISIS. They are going to eliminate the Saudi regime and then die of thrust later in the desert.
This way we are going to get rid of the barbaric regime that terrified humans for 15 centuries, and was a stumbling block before building a humanitarian democratic system in the world.