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  • Tuesday ,29 September 2015

Salafis attack the Copts to embarrass al-Sisi


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Tuesday ,29 September 2015

Salafis attack the Copts to embarrass al-Sisi

For the second time in less than four months, Salafis decided to embarrass President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi before the whole world by attacking the Copts. This came few hours before his visit to the US. They attacked Copts of Ameriya in Alexandria at the time Copts in America are getting prepared for the visit of the president and to support him during his speech to the UN.  This way, they gave the answer for potential questions about supporting the Salafis by the president and his intention not to dissolve religious based parties.  

The Salafis decided to frighten Christians, secularists and government officials and send them a message that they control all over Egypt, especially Upper Egypt, in order to extend this control during the upcoming presidential elections and make sure they win the majority in the parliament. 
The suffering of the Copts today is the same since the revolution of June 1952. The Egyptians are facing a new type of occupation, which is the Wahhabi occupation, which is supported by money of the Saudi Arabia. This converted the police into “Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice committees” in order to close liquor stores and nightclubs during holidays in addition to the closure of coffee shops during the day in Ramadan.
Copts of Diaspora are already losing their confidence of the president. He has to prove that he is a president for all Egyptians by eliminating all kinds of religious and armed terrorism in all its forms, or he is going to face another revolution very soon.