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  • Friday ,25 September 2015

Wahhabism and Zionism against humanity


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Friday ,25 September 2015

Wahhabism and Zionism against humanity

Wahhabi countries called Israel "the Zionist state" and called the western countries "infidels". It’s known that Wahhabism and Zionism are different, but they united against Christianity. Christ was crucified in Israel and Christians are cursed on daily basis in Wahhabi countries in addition to punishing those who perform Christian prayers on its land.

The Wahhabi countries persecute Christians and allow the fanatics to demolish Christian churches on their land, but denounce attacking mosques by the Zionist state. They even demand the "fanatic" Christian countries to stop the Zionist state from attacking the Islamic houses of worship even if they accommodate terrorists.
 Moreover, Wahhabi countries force Christians to leave their homes for no good reason, while the Zionist state may attack the terrorists for self-defense, which is justified.
The Wahhabi countries spread terrorism and invented new terrorist organizations like ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and, Salafists and Bokouhram. Furthermore, many of them have plans to the ethnic cleansing of the infidels and the polytheists. They even finance several terrorist groups to blow up churches and kill the infidel Christians in order to establish the Caliphate state from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf, just like the Zionists goal to establish Great Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. 
Indeed, Wahhabism and Zionism are working against humanity and against the God that they claim o worship. However, the God of peace, love and justice won't allow them to do evil forever.