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  • Wednesday ,09 September 2015

Egypt's parliamentary elections (2)

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,09 September 2015

Egypt's parliamentary elections (2)
The religion of the Egyptian state is Islam according to Article II of the Egyptian constitution. This article made the state ignores another part of the Constitution that prohibits establishing religious-based political parties.
Egypt and the whole world suffered from terrorist attacks by groups of political Islam. Therefore, it was stated in the Egyptian constitution that such groups are not allowed to practice political activities.  
Couple of hours ago, parliamentary candidates filled application of nomination to the parliament. Egyptian nominees were fighting to fill the applications. Electoral bribes appeared as well including money and medicine. For example, al-Nour ultra conservative party trading on illness of the people promised to give them expensive treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Religious parties trading on both religion and illness of the people are going to present electoral bribes including food substances as well.
Several conspiratorial forces and countries including America, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis paid a lot of money for such electoral bribes in order to support the Islamic candidates who will be able to topple the president according to the Constitution.
What is the state doing to face such threat? It’s actually doing nothing. The presidency, the Council of Ministers, to the Committee on Political Parties Affairs, the Supreme Commission for Elections and the sovereign authorities are still watching. However, the president is the one who should understand such threat. What will he do then?