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  • Monday ,07 September 2015


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,07 September 2015


It is not the main reason of this article to talk about the famous Zero of Mariem Malak that obviously it was meant by the Muslim Brotherhood or better the Devil Brotherhood to create a sectarian conflict and disturbance that the blessed people of Egypt once again passed the opportunity for it!

As an academic member of the university who was part of the exams preparation teams and member in the exams supervision moreover those exams were meant to be a higher education exams meaning the students were all university graduates resuming higher educations for a Master degree or Ph.D. Degree; I know for sure that the Dean of the Institute I used to work and study in it could with a single call to the students affair department review all exams of any subject in any of the specialities we used to offer higher educations!
I’m talking here about the dean of a single Institute within the collages and institutes of the Cairo University not the head master of this University or the Minister that Higher Studies under his control! 
Obviously no excuse is acceptable from the minister of Education about that famous SEVEN subjects ZEROS that clearly shows this was not an accidental case of fraud but a deliberate act to follow a specific person as the people who altered the exams papers knew whose papers they were or had access to the actual names before being associated with the secret numbers for anonymity! 
That minister has to be accounted because not only tries to fool the public with false excuses he is as well trying to protect the real people behind this fraud or as I said at the beginning the Muslim Brotherhood then trying to protect them means he is one of them!
Having said that I can now resume the real subject I decided to write for this week, that is Education in Egypt! And by education I mean in general the education that for years now is going from bad to worst! Speaking of education parents get alerted this means extra expenses to cover the private lessons, and this is what I want to speak about today!
I belong to one of the last generations of Egypt that graduated without taking any private lessons! However, as a graduate of Pure Mathematics in Egypt I had to give private lessons in Mathematics being seen as a difficult subject and not many parents can help their children with mathematics! And as a mathematician - or better an ex-mathematician because I did change and originally studied Mathematics to be my way to the original interest the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY!- I reiterate as an ex-mathematician I admit we do have a serious lack of information due to lack of proper statistics in any domain!
I accept the idea that a student can not be perfect in all subjects, and accept the idea that someone might need additional help in a subject, but I refuse the private lessons they spoil teachers before the students, why a teacher waist his time teaching a class and he can earn 10 times more with private lessons? And why as well a student go for a private lesson when he has a class teacher, books and external books moreover a library that he can find in it additional books to help him understand what he could not understand in class!
Let us put it straight forward either let education in its deterioration to deteriorate more and more or try each one of us to stop this deterioration? It is a 1000 mile trip that starts with just one step, force teacher to be a teacher that is to teach in class or just stop private lessons when teachers have no alternative but to teach in class or just leave for another profession!
I know for us big guys it is very difficult to let your child, your beloved child helpless, you would save your own food just to keep up financial needed help, but this is not for your own private freedom from the private lessons, it would be much more difficult for your daughter or son to manage how to learn without the private lessons help it has become a habit not just for your kids but all kids, learning is no more attending schools or listening to a teacher explaining theories or simplifying rules none of that exists any more schools teachers and headmasters are there to give an individual the authority to give private lessons or supply them with individuals to be their future financial provider for many years to come, parents give up or took the easiest way and still this does not provide adequate learning because the authorised person is not a teacher he does not know how to teach he just gives orders read this or write down that paragraph he does not even explore if the student got the idea behind that paragraph, the student is not learning any more he is just obeying orders, he does not have to search for an answer for a question never asked he is just reading what he was asked to read or just writing down what he had read and will pass the exams if he has good memory and did not forget a sentence he did read!
Brains are just like any part of our bodies, need exercise to keep up and working but private lessons are not there to make students think and reach conclusions this is not the way the teacher himself was taught in his private lessons he attended as a student!
Thanks God Einstein never attended any private lessons to make the relativity theory, neither Newton had a private lesson when that damn apple fall on his head while sleeping and discovered the gravity or earth!
Education Reform
Egyptians we only have two ways, keep education deteriorating or reform education it is just like the revolution of June 30, take down the Education system and start from zero have real schools and real teachers and I know it will be very difficult but I’m sure very few Egyptian Brains still working the difficulty is to find them but as I said before LEADERS are not man made but we all feel them and follow them, likewise teachers are there need the proper discovery but as I said it will be a difficult long long way we have to start it sometime and now is better than tomorrow, we all have to say I start by myself! And like El-Sisi said it always he does not have the magic Wang neither he can do any thing by himself we all can do! We Egyptians can force the reform of Education System with our attitude, no laws can force corruption to stay away since Nasser one of his main targets were “Stop corruption” however we Egyptians never stopped paying briberies to corrupted people just to bypass other Egyptians who need same service like the one we paid for it to speed it up, this is PURE SELFISHNESS we need to stop it! So Egyptians stop being selfish stop looking around you what you need start looking around you for what we Egyptians NEED!
Our needs are lot and countless that is life, they never stop and once we did a target new targets show up and life goes on, education reform means primary to stop the nasty habit of private lessons this will force teachers to respect their duties in class and let the class become a class once more a class like the one I had years ago before Education Deterioration! This requires to stop selfishness and wanting to spare my children problems of education without private lessons that for years now due to different reasons spread across the community, financial problems forced parents for additional working hours they took them away from their parental duties passing those duties to grand parents if they still alive or a nanny then private lessons and so one, this is still kind of selfishness that our future generations will suffer more and more to overcome, so NOW is the time to start repairing what years of neglecting had cause and accumulated!
Egyptians Stop SELFISHNESS start NOW reforms in each and every aspect of our lives mainly EDUCATION without education no future for any of us is that what you want you future generations to face that they do have NO FUTURE? A bait the answer is NO so let us all start NOW may God help us and keep blessing us peace of the lord be with you all!