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  • Thursday ,03 September 2015

I want to believe, but

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,03 September 2015

I want to believe, but

Right before the overthrown of the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist group announced massive gas discovery in the Western desert of Egypt. The MB talked too much about it, but suddenly the news was denied. At that time, we knew that it was propaganda by the Muslim Brotherhood aiming to claim that they only bring good to Egypt.

More news were spread before the nomination of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. They were only rumors to accuse the nominated president of lying even before he takes office.
Now I read news about the "largest ever" offshore natural gas field in the Mediterranean has been discovered inside Egypt's territorial waters. I want to believe that hoping that Egypt will be the richest country ever. If the news are true, Egypt won’t import gas from Israel and should start exporting it.
The news says that the discovery, announced by the company on Sunday and confirmed by Egypt's oil ministry, could hold a potential 850 billion cubic metres of lean gas in an area of about 100 square kilometres. I hope that we will be able to handle such discovery and take heed not to waste this fortune as we did with others. 
I hope that such news won’t be denied later. Therefore, I pray to God to support Egypt bring her good.