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  • Monday ,31 August 2015

Time Had Come

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,31 August 2015

Time Had Come
Time never waits we run after it, time and time again we had to accomplish things because time would not wait for us!
Suez Canal a living example it was an ambiguous project that Egyptians united behind their army and leader had to run to overcome time! They did accomplish a three year project in just one year! It is clear when Egyptians are challenged and they did accept the challenge nothing can stop them!  
Time and time again since Pharaohs times the ascended of Pharaohs proved their tough challenging skills, times and times again their land was occupied as occupants thought or got the illusion that the secret of success lies in the magic of that land not the personal skills of its owners! However, those owners with passion and love for the land did free it from those occupants to live free!
History shows that Egyptians were busy building Temples and the Pyramids, busy calculating when the Sun will be vertical on a spot of land so that their can choose the right spot to built the temple of a Pharaoh when the sun will shine his temple on his birthday! They kept themselves busy working thinking and creating without neglecting faith strong faith to their Pharaoh who remained like God to them until they discovered other stronger forces like the Sun or the Nile that could destroy their lands flooding it!
They kept busy building, thinking, creating and giving praise to Gods never attempted to raid invade or occupy other lands, and this is in my view and I could be wrong why God blessed Egypt, it is the land that its people never created a God, they did give respects to forces they thought it was God, and once again God send them his prophets Moses was born in Egypt and when conflict rose he helped him out of Egypt however God did send his 10 commandments in Sinai -part of Egypt, and when the holly family was in danger Sent his holly family to Egypt!
That is my brief historical review for this week as I have nothing new to discuss or speak about, there was El-Sisi visit to Moscow, followed by the soon to come visit to China some top leadership gathered in Moscow and lots of news or political expectations were spread over the news but as rumours are so many I do not really relay on such news I’m on a wait and see state, I do not like to repeat what others say like a parrot I like to speak and write my own views analysis and comments even if they are wrong time will tell why and where I was wrong and I do have no problem admitting I was wrong and correct my views mean time I rest my case awaiting for events and news requesting from Egyptians to remain focus in the well being of Egypt united and behind our leadership!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and peace of the Lord be with you all!