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  • Friday ,21 August 2015

Developed countries by Developing People

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,22 August 2015

Developed countries by Developing People

I want talk today about one of the paradox that we live in this life without paying attention too. One of these paradoxes is that the countries they call it developed countries are developed by people they came from developing countries. 


To clarify it more, when you make statistics about the number of the doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists Scientists, Worker, Technicians,  you will surprised that most of these specialists are from the developing countries.

That conclusion will lead us to a very important question which is why those people succeed in these countries and don’t succeed in their own country. I’m not just asking question but I wonder about the strange situation. When you go to any of the developed countries you will find a variety from all over the world working in all jobs to help these countries become developed.
I ask myself when I was thinking about this paradox, aren’t these people were in the developing countries, why their countries didn’t use their potential to make a progress? Why their countries didn’t create the system that could allow them to be creative as they are creative in these countries. 
In fact that paradox make me very sad because the most important dangerous thing that we can’t see is that all good minds immigrate to one place to make it amazing and leave the poor countries which needs more these mentalities.