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  • Tuesday ,18 August 2015

Uprising of Acts

By-Ayman El Gohary

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Tuesday ,18 August 2015

Uprising of Acts

We, the Egyptians, have to admit that we are not able to make decisions anymore after years of retardation and ignorance of administration science by consecutive regimes in Egypt. We do suffer from superficial understanding and negligence. Thus, we always talk much but do less.

We always have the ability to achieve impossible missions, but our spirit has to be supported by our love and belonging to our homeland.
I hope all Egyptians realize that it’s time to wake up and work hard in order to fix our economy. We have to change our mind and get rid of our ignorance. We have to change our perspective and repair our abilities and understanding in order to restore our dignity and improve our future.
I believe we have to do it now. It’s now or never! However, if we do have such uprising of acts, we are going to change our future indeed.