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  • Thursday ,13 August 2015

Salafis in The New Parliament


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Thursday ,13 August 2015

Salafis in The New Parliament

Trading  on religion has become a feature of the sheikhs of the Salafist Wahhabism call in Egypt that collect money for themselves claiming they work for the good of Islam and the country. However, they only spread terrorism and work in politics and everything that works for their good. This very technique has previously brought us a retarded parliament making a joke of Egypt among the nations. Of course those fanatics were supported by several bribed judges as well as security.

It is strange that some of the clergy and the government are dealing with those swindlers and their party assuring their loyalty and patriotism to Egypt. They have simply ignored the famous fraud initiative carried out by the Salafist sheikh Mohamed Hassan to collect millions of pounds to dispense the US aid, which was used to achieve different goals without government oversight.
The Egyptian government and other religious institutions ignored the fanatic fatwas against followers of other religions spreading the ideology of ISIS. 
Yasser Berhamy, Vice-President of the Salafist Call, demanded shareholders of New Suez Canal Project to pay their profits to reimburse Egyptian debt assuring that such profit is considered unlawful Usury, paving the way to the nationalization of the money if supported by a parliamentary majority.
Al-Nour ultra conservative party exists in Egypt against the Egyptian constitution that prohibit the existence of religious based parties. This should repeat the actions of the SCAF that cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood against Egypt and opened the door before terrorist from all over the world to stay and work in Egypt.
Keeping the pace like that, Egypt should be enslaved once again by the fanatics. Then, they are going to govern Egypt and pave the way before another bloody revolution with unpredictable results.