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  • Sunday ,04 April 2010

Joy of the Resurrection

Youseef Sidhom



Sunday ,04 April 2010

Joy of the Resurrection

 Today is Easter Sunday. Today we honour the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and His triumph over death. Humankind has been forever liberated from subjugation to death and a new covenant of Grace has begun. Men and women are no longer servants of God but His sons and daughters. Forever gone is humankind’s dread of everlasting death; in its stead comes joy in the Heavenly Father and hope in inheriting the Kingdom. This in itself should act as a shield against the forever recurrent hardships in this world before which we frequently quiver in agony.

The Resurrection comes to remind us that no matter how hard life is on this Earth, there is the Lord who loves and cares for us. Let us maintain this truth always before our eyes, to comfort us as we move along in life, secure in the everlasting love of Christ.
Copts for an Easter season full of Resurrection joy. My wishes for a blessed Easter also go to the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and all our honourable archbishops, bishops, pastors and congregations; as well as to the heads, clergy and congregations of all the Catholic and May the good Lord protect and bless our country and its people, and grant them growth and prosperity