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  • Wednesday ,22 July 2015

Let’s not die together

By Hany Shohdy

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Wednesday ,22 July 2015

Let’s not die together

After terrorist attacks in Egypt, we usually hear in media that blood of Muslims was mixed with blood of Christians who died in the attack. This may refers that we are proud to die together. I don’t really understand why people people like to die together when they can’t live together.  

Does this mean that we can’t find peace, tolerance and respect in our country and we seek it in another life! This is how we think, even if we don’t realize it. 
If we think that dying together is an achievement, we should rather find a way to live in peace. We should appreciate one another and accept our differences. This is the real achievement. 
The real achievement should also be in developing our education and scientific research together. 
Muslims and Christians in Egypt should work hard to get a medal for Egyptian sports team. Egyptian football players make sure they worship each time they score a goal, but they have to cooperate and do their best to win the game.
Some judges may wrong the Christian party only because his rival is Muslim. Changing this should be one real achievement in our country. 
Copts should live in peace inside their country fearing no sectarian strife to force them out of their homes. Muslims and Christians should work hard to help the Egyptian economy instead of using sectarian strife to destroy a successful Coptic businessman.
Our children should be educated without thinking about their region. Curricula should be hatred-free. Children who can’t tolerate other children from different religion in their class won’t be able to share the homeland with them when they grow up. Media should stop repeating the same nonsense about Christians and Muslims sharing death. We have to find out a solution to share life together.