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  • Thursday ,11 June 2015

ISIS serving Israel

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,11 June 2015

ISIS serving Israel
The biggest service provided by ISIS to Israel is the destruction of the two important Arab countries, Syria and Iraq, hoping that such destruction will hit other countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. Libya and Yemen are also on the list with the Gulf countries.
However, it is really strange that many opinion polls proved that ISIS is supported by the majority of the Muslims in the Arab countries. This gives ISIS much power and support, especially after Al-Azhar refused to call ISIS infidel. This should have something to do with the ultra fanatic curricula of Al-Azhar and its institutions and universities. 
Moreover, ISIS includes many well-educated people who worked in many fields including medicine, engineering, law and the conduct of contracting.
There are 8 million people  who lives inside the State of Israel amid 400 million Arabian people. This is indeed a threat for both Arab and Israeli peoples. Therefore, stability and development of the surrounding countries of Israel is considered a threat to the national security of the Jewish state since its establishment on 14 May 1948. ISIS indeed is helping Israel to get rid of half of the people in the surrounding countries by killing and forced displacement.
Soon, we are going to hear about more conflicts and wars in the region, while Israel is standing as an oasis of security and money. Many people may ask to join the outstanding state of Israel and obtain its nationality including Bedouin of Sinai and many Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians in Jordan.
Fianlly, I advise the Palestinians to be realistic and accept the existence of Israel in order to live in peace and grant good education and raise their standard of living.