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  • Wednesday ,27 May 2015

Time of falling masks!!!

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,27 May 2015

Time of falling masks!!!
Black boxes have some magic and ability to disappoint by revealing masks of important people whom we used to believe and trust.
Dr. Mustafa al-Feki, the former chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of the Shura Council, said that lots of people thought that Coptic Christians supported the Muslims Brotherhood at the beginning of their rule. He added that they didn’t mind as long as the MB was going to be moderate. However, the reason they failed was that they had no experience with politics or authority.
The great diplomat is considered one of the most important people in most sectarian incidents and used to analyze and write books about the suffering of the Copts along history.
Furthermore, he had good relationship with the late Pope Shenouda III, and still enjoys very special relationship with leaders of the church.
Yet, it was strange to hear such statements that imitate stamens of the Muslim Brotherhood in which they claim that Christians supported the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood at the beginning. 
This is really strange as if he didn’t see or hear about forced displacement for Coptic Christians in many villages in Upper Egypt and robbing their properties, and that many Muslims are not even allowed by their spiritual leaders to congratulate the Copts on their feasts and other fatwas that incite hatred among Muslims and Christians rather than supporting national unity.
I wonder how come he says so ignoring suffering. Many masks are going to fall soon of people who thought that time will erase their sins.