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  • Monday ,25 May 2015

One Hand Clubbing

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,25 May 2015

One Hand Clubbing

I can not forget I’m in Egypt my love to Egypt and my wishes for a better tomorrow for Egypt. I wish I was an economist so I could use my expertise to suggest ways to improve Egyptian economy that was for many years facing aggressive theft and demolition that reached its top on 2011 and the two following years under complete control of the Devils Brotherhood DB for short formerly known as Muslim Brotherhood and Devils here points to its members not the Islamic Religion with all due respect to all Religions!

In an agricultural country one of its best agricultural products was the Egyptian Cotton that farmers could sell locally and had to export it at any cost to survive, and as a result the best tissues factories in Mehala-Kobra could not find the necessary raw materials to keep up production this is a tragedy!
The industry development and revolution ex-president Nasser introduced was knocked down by Morsy supporters over 2000 factories were shut down not to talk of thousands of workers and their supported families lost their income and more poverty spreading around it was not just the economy targeted but the whole of Egypt to bring down flat so that they could cut off Sinai for Hamas and south of Egypt for Sudan that was already segmented, west of Egypt for Libya and so Egypt cut in to 3-4 sub-countries!
What a spring was planned for Egypt but thanks God that blessed Egypt something CIA never took in consideration they had so successful previous plans with Nasser on 1967, then even with ex-president Sadat successful stand up with King Fessal’s support and petroleum cut off they succeeded to assassinate them BOTH within days after Camp David treaty! Punishment had to be done so that no future president thinks to stand up on CIA plans!  
I keep praying and thanking God for his blessings; Blessings in my private Life that extended to include my surroundings, my social and public life moreover my country as well, seriously without God’s blessings to Egypt we; all Egyptians and Egypt were facing a very dark dangerous slope! Egyptians all alone just rejected to be pawns in a chess game of Foreign intelligence, true Egyptians rejected DB plans, and come out fearless demanding Morsy to go away, fearless Egyptians asked Morsy to step down within 48 hours and then on July 3rd. They had so seize him and bring him to justice!
We are days away for the first memorial of June 30 then July 3rd under our 1st elected president following this revolution!
Our president El-Sisi said time after time he needs all Egyptians support to keep going ALONE he can do nothing!
Let me re-iterate it over; A President, any president in any country can do nothing without support of his supporters! Obviously the Egyptian President El-Sisi needs Egyptian support, but who are those fierce Egyptians?
Simple Egyptians know nothing but Egypt the country they were born in it and grown up in it their most ambitious is to have a job support their families and live in peace! But unfortunately their are people who want more than they can get envious of power above their real capabilities and and believe they can achieve their goals with corruption! Others less aggressive just happy to get their salary doing nothing and many more just look for an opportunity to have a job but those previously mentioned occupy those jobs!
The choice here is really difficult, we need to provide food to all people and get over poverty so we can not just fire those who do nothing or the corrupted ones creating more and more poor families!
Our president is doing his best to fight terrorism and poverty, but this cabinet full of corrupted officers not helping but creating more problems! Some is the case with PM Mehleb he is very active, the most active PM I ever saw but again either his choices are not the best choice for the job or again corruption of over 60 years old has deep roots every where and more over financial resources handicap progress!
To make the long story short ambitious youth who can not get their opportunities feel depressed and become passive see only negative sides of the story, others more aggressive want just to blow up everything and start from scratch they do not see poverty that could spread while we fight poverty trying to clean up our system from corruption! Results is that both president and PM club with one hand and the other hand -the people- remain passive or non cooperative!
Unfortunately most of those passive guys are young people who disappointment pushed them to passivity add to it their lack of experience and education! They can not understand that the thousand miles trip starts with just one step the first step to start your endless trip, and more important it is them those young guys that will survive and see Egypt standing back on its feet and taking the lead and will be the leaders of tomorrow!
Youth of Egypt you can not be a passive leader, you can not lead disappointed you need to be ambitious in your dreams and lead younger generations to better tomorrow!
You need courage to open long locked doors and invade new horizons not towns and countries but dreams and creativity, if we stop dreaming life looses its test!
Dreams that can be achieved, not imaginary dreams that lead to science fiction movies, even science fiction movies over time with proper creative minds could become reality, first time I saw a phone call where the caller could see the other end guy was a since fiction movie that now is a reality with Skype and What-sup and who knows what else science and creativity holds in the future!
However you young people be careful, do not use technology for bad or immoral practices, try to be fair and just in your judgements keep putting yourself in the place of the other side and see what is the best for all not just your best interest and to hell with the rest of the world, just remember nothing lasts forever but one thing God and his blessings to Egypt!
So God bless you all and Peace be with you!