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  • Friday ,22 May 2015

Alwafd Party

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,23 May 2015

Alwafd Party

The last crisis of Alwafd party explains to us how is the political parties from inside. All political parties seek authority not seeking to introduce alternative to the citizen. Egyptian parties without exception doesn't have a real alternative to Egypt's problem.


I can understand now why the parilament elections will lead to a disaster. I can undersstand Sisi's fears about the next parliament. Political power in Egypt consider working in politics as a mean to be reach, however, this is not the case in the whole world.


The politican in the whole world not seeking to be politican to be rich but to introduce real solutions to the Economic and Social problems that they country suffer from but in Egypt Politican are seeking to be famous or rich from working in politics. 


I believe that political parties one of the main problem of Egypt's political life. We have parties have agenda but doesn't have supporters. We have parties that have channels in TV which a lot of audience can watch it but these parties barely can one mention its name in the community. 


Alwafd party crisis showed us just an example of the disaster we live in. Is it the right time to think about gather all of these parties in one or two stron parties to introduce a real alternative to Egypt problems?