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  • Friday ,22 May 2015

Media putting veils

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,22 May 2015

Media putting veils
I do not know who wants to put a veil on media like fanatics want to cover women in Egypt. Even the Prime Minister didn't know who was responsible for preventing the anchor Reem Maged from appearing in her talks show on ON TV private television. Indeed, somebody was able to prevent her from appearing on her channel, but failed to do the same with the German channel Deutsche Welle. This person forgot that we have all kind of technology that allows whoever wants to watch her to do so whenever and wherever he wants.
Furthermore, this person failed to prevent several channels from attacking Egypt, but succeeded to prevent this anchor from appearing in her show.
The same person or organization has destroyed more than 48.000 copies of El Watan newspaper just to prevent people from seeing the headline that was "7 things more powerful than al-Sisi"! Yet, the headline was known by everybody on the internet.
Such person or organization really doesn't realize we live in a different age where information can't be destroyed or seized.
I really don't defend Reem Maged or El WAtan newspaper, but I'm really worried that we are controlled by such organization or person that lives in the old ages, and may know nothing about computers and the new technology.
I don't even mock such organization or person or underestimate their patriotism, but I rather express my surprise to find some people still thinking that way. Such organization offended Egypt by giving her enemies much evidence that Egypt has suppression of freedoms, and gave those enemies a golden chance to defame Egypt.
I tell this organization that freedoms may be limited, but such limitations shouldn't be exposed this way. You should think for a while before taking similar decisions as everything should be known before you will be able to prevent them. You're not being helpful for your country this way.