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  • Thursday ,21 May 2015

Good terrorist and drunk Left-wing

Zakaria Ramzy

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Thursday ,21 May 2015

Good terrorist and drunk Left-wing
In the last two days, many activists have discussed different points of views concerning the execution judgments which was issued by the Egyptian judiciary against leaders of the Muslims Brotherhood and supporters of other terrorist organizations.
People divided into couple of teams: the first supports the judgements and the second condemns them.
Strangely enough, defendants of those terrorists are the same people whom we used to consider among supporters of liberalism and the revolution.
Here, we must stop and think about the motivation of those people to attack all achievements of the state and even call to overthrow the government just like they did four years ago upon demanding to overthrow Mubarak's regime. Was this part of their training or they decided to do this for the sake of their country.
I'm not talking here about religious parties, but I mean the left-wing parties, which think they always right sees itself is always right and it's opposers always wrong.
I also found these group dealing with Islamic parties  with great deal of understanding and support, which appeared during previous presidential elections in which they supported the Muslim Brotherhood against the other candidate and even accused him falsely in order to defame him.
Up till now, they are continuing their suspicious support for the terrorists against Egyptian police and army. I couldn't find in the whole world people who defend the terrorists as the Egyptian left-wing party does.