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  • Friday ,15 May 2015

The rise and fall of a "Great" big mess: Morsi

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 May 2015

The rise and fall of a
Today is the day where we can finally see some justice in Egypt. Today is the day Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to death. What bothers me, is I saw a lot of people on social media condemning this sentence. Saying democracy and the revolution was all for nothing, and that this sentence is in fact the beginning of dark days for Egypt.
I am actually quite offended when I hear statements like these. I can tolerate different opinions but to a point. I find myself de-friending people when it comes to this topic. I wish to take this opportunity to explain why. First, I would like to remind everyone of what exactly Morsi is behind bars for. He is charged with inciting violence. When is this ever an acceptable action? Especially come from the person who is supposedly leading the country? He is also charged with incitement for murder. Let's not forget that he is the one who is related to all those criminal charges for acts of terrorism. Above and beyond what he is charged for, have any of the ignorant people stopped to think about a critical aspect of his ouster? 
Sisi went on live television with the backing of Al-Azhar and the Pope to give Morsi the specific time frame to back down. Remember Sisi before he was President? He was the man in charge of intelligence for the Army. What I want to know is he following: What kind of knowledge did Sisi have in order to give Morsi this ultimatum? We can only see what the courts have charged Morsi publicly, but what about what happened behind closed doors? What more terrible things could Morsi have done and have been afraid of to back down? If Morsi had nothing to hide, then he wouldn't of cared about Sisi's ultimatum that was made that night. The fact that Morsi stepped down, is to me, confession of even greater crimes that the public doesn't even know about. 
I don't like to see death, but I am an advocate of justice. I think that Morsi is, and soon to be was, a man of many crimes. Crimes that perhaps people cannot even fathom at this point. So was the judges correct in their sentencing? I honestly think so. And shame to all those people who support a man as filthy as Morsi.