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  • Friday ,15 May 2015

Countries within the Egyptian state

Gergis Wahib

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Friday ,15 May 2015

Countries within the Egyptian state
It is assumed in any country  that all people  subject to one  law and  they all have the same duty . Moreover, all citizens are supposed to be equal before the law,  but  the status in Egypt is completely different and opposite to this.
There are several states withing the Egyptian state including state of judges, state of  Finance Ministry  employees , the state of  the economic institutions, organizations  workers , the State of Telecom Egypt workers, and state  of employees in banks.
 Each of these states have its own laws that are totally unrelated to the Egyptian state law or constitution.
They all don't subject to the  same system for salaries but each of these ministries and agencies has a different system of salaries and incentives and its  method of appointment. 
In 99% of the workers  inside courts, electricity and water companies, the Ministry of Finance sectors  and all have come unlawfully, either through visas of ministers or relatives of employees and there are a great  absence of public announcements and if it found be for just decoration.
It's a farce, and the strange thing is that the circumstance still continues even now, after the 30 June glorious revolution. Despite the cancellation of contracts by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance decision that appointments came only by contract or by devious ways.
Just for example, judges are not subject to the customary retirement by the law which age the employees at the age of a 60-year, but they last up to 70 years,  I do not know how this can be! How can this people   occupy an important career like this and their ages   Reach the 70 th years while this age mostly coincides with  aging and memory  diseases As well as they can not take decisions and future plans, it is a fortiori for recruiting new graduates who are full of hope , enthusiasm and energy  .   
Also,  in general  the  salaries of judges and workers in the courts exceed their peers in limited families all over Egypt because the sons of of judges and their first degree relatives become inevitably judges.
At the majority you can classify workers inside courts that the first and the second class working in the Judicial Career and the the third, fourth and fifth class working as a grounds from their relatives .
Actually, the greatest president Sisi  has a heavy legacy and it needs a difficult, painful and disturbing decisions, but it will be a historic and satisfying to the majority poor Egyptian people, and it  will be a historic step towards achieving  the social justice.
We all hope and wait for taking a corrective decisions to correct the wrong actions that had run in the  country for 10 decades  with our  hopes and aspirations .
We do not hold Sisi a hard tasks ,but we  trust  him  ,as we wish that he can correct all the wrong behaviors within  the state ,because he is a strong  national person, first of these correction is to  put republican resolution providing that there is  no new appointments in all ministries, sectors and state organizations only  by general announcements and complete prohibition of the contracts and the abolition of what is known as the appointments of workers’ sons.