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  • Thursday ,14 May 2015

Sons of dustmen and Copts

Zakaria Ramzy

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Thursday ,14 May 2015

Sons of dustmen and Copts
What Was said by the Minister of Justice that Dustman’s son cannot be a judge is exactly true. We know this, but still refuse the statement. Furthermore, we know that all sovereign jobs require certain conditions and are prohibited for certain people like Copts.
The Minister of Justice statement only revealed some facts that we all know but reuse to acknowledge in public. We insist on deceiving ourselves.
In order to apply for military colleges and police academy, you have to collect all the date for dozens of members of your family.
In fact, he should have said that sons of dustmen and Copts don’t fit to be judges. Only three Copts were chosen among 600 judges. Corruption is hitting our country and we should fight that in order to progress.
either favoritism and nepotism or progress, and it seems that we have chosen the first for many years coming,