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  • Wednesday ,13 May 2015

Dustman’s son can be a president

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,13 May 2015

Dustman’s son can be a president
There is no equality between the people in Egypt, but the constitution states exactly the opposite. Here, a judge may work according to his desires and not according to constitution and law. He or she may classify the people according to their families and not according to their work.
It’s forbidden for the lower classes to reach the upper ones and dustman's son can’t look forward to being judges.  In our countries, failure is guaranteed for most people, but success is not for all. 
Unfortunately, the Minister of Justice should have not judged based on appearances or classes or even the job of the father.
Here, fathers grant future for their children no matter what they do or achieve. Jobs here are part of the heritage given from parents to their children.
In other countries, sons of dustmen rule the countries and lead its economy like in Brazil. I am really sorry to hear such statement from an honorable judge and Minister of Justice.