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  • Monday ,11 May 2015

World War ???

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,11 May 2015

World War ???

Officially on the 8th of May 1945 or seventy years ago the World War II ended leaving behind bitter memories, millions of deaths and many cities and countries demolished!

Adolph Hitler bombarded England to the point London was burnt, France one of the first countries falling victims of the Nazi occupation not to forget Greece, Switzerland and most of Europe who was not allied like Italy had to be occupied even who thought that was safe and ally like the Russians were surprised to be subjects of occupation, and who knows if that war had continued he, Hitler might had occupied Italy too!
This is human nature, when you have powers and people supporting you either out of love and because they are convinced of your principals and gaols, or equally because they are scared from you!
We all know Hitler’s fatal mistake was attacking the Russians, and thanks to the Russians WWII ended! However let as see how the world is doing since then!
Japan received 1st ever atomic bombs been demolished and they stood back better and better than before, their dedication and new technology pushed them ahead, the Victorious China dictatorship pushed them ahead invading the world peacefully without a single drop of blood other than the massacres of the Tippet priests! 
However, the United States that participated in this WWII only when Pearl Harbour was attacked -another fatal mistake but from Japan- paid its price in full! They USA thought of themselves the official peace preserver but to preserve peace they did demolish it!
The old world powers Britain, France, Italy and Spain demolished by that WWII had to give up a lot of their powers or at least pretend they did, like Britain that left a lot of its colonies to become free like Antigua declared free independent country that still loyal to her Majesty the Queen of England that appoints his governor! Egypt too was declared independent but the Muslim Brotherhood that the MI6 created to keep the King of Egypt then under control upon WWII that had ended 70 years ago still hosts Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in London! 
Italy lost the war lost its colonies including Libya and till now they face financial problems, but France was luckier than all they managed to keep their historical relations with all their ex-colonies like Algeria a free republic that its citizens enjoy the right to visit live and work in France without work permit or visa like me and you! France upon their ever lasting competition with England finds it self a second speaking language and wishes to surpass England in the number of French speaking people so it encourages over population adopts up to 2 children in each family just to make sure French speaking people will remain if not increase over time!
Where are we -the world- from wars?
Since WWII the world agreed to have WWII as the last ever war between nations, for this purpose they did create the United Nations that is supposed to preserve World Peace, but this did not stop USA from attacking Korea neither France from bombing Vietnam! Was this the end? No way the victims in both wars is not even a fraction of those of WWII but bottom line is it was a WAR!
The winners of WWII created the United Nations and established powers -the power of VITO- that the rest of the world had no right to it they are not STRONG ENOUGH to have the right of VITO! However even the VITO powers did not prevent USA from fighting URSS Cuba missiles could had ended in a nuclear disaster, and Russian invasion to Afghanistan was another undeclared war and wars continued until the United Soviet Union fall down and Soviets gone with the wind! But Russia never died; they fell down they were broken they did suffer but never died and soon they stood back as Russia not and continued its survival existence!
Did United Nations do what they had to do?
I demonstrated already United Nations was there to stop and prevent any other World War but they did not stop wars! They fell to stop the war on Egypt 1956, they did not stop Israeli invasion to Sinai, Gaza and Goulan; They could not stop Sudan sectarian wars, or prevent Lebanon Civil war ... That on a small tiny region of the Middle East the heart of the world not to talk of Bolivia, Romania ect. Where are we heading what exactly is the role of UN? What about Mali, Nigeria, Somali in Africa, or Pakistan and India, in Asia or Syria and Iraq not to talk of the newest crisis in Yemen!
I’m totally lost in all what is happening whose responsibility to stop those endless fights everywhere in this world?
Old times, before politics and traders ever existed people where fighting for resources mainly water for agriculture and drinking, but as traders found peaceful ways to exchange resources we had no need to fight for survival but negotiate better deals to trade resources, as technology advanced we do not need to fight for water we can distillate from the sea, we discovered alternatives resources for energy and human life goes on but wars never stop!
I just seize this opportunity the memorial of WWII end to call upon people you and me and him all of us to stop fights just live and let live let the power of Love overcome the love of power so that world will know PEACE!
Peace be with you all and may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians