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  • Friday ,08 May 2015

Where will you be?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,09 May 2015

Where will you be?
The truth of the matter is, terrorists are winning. This may be a bold statement, but I want to focus on the three main points that will hopefully serve as a wake up call to maybe perhaps change our current state of living. It is no surprise hearing a bout a bomb going off, a police officer being killed, new martyrs joining Jesus in heaven. What is surprising is our reaction. 
We hear about Sisi talking about the fight against these actions. We ourselves have millions of pictures or mourning and devastation and emotional breakdowns. Every time a tragedy happens, we find our selves reacting in the same way. And you know what? This is exactly the reaction the terrorists are living for, expecting. What person would kill 21 innocent victims, and then be sad when they see the families of loved ones crying, and the funerals, and memorials being held? None. People who kill, kill for the thrill of watching the world's reaction. 
This brings me to my first point. How are these terrorists getting the supplies they need to devastate? I find it hard to believe that a third world country can suddenly be masters at producing a massive amount of dangerous weapons. So who is supporting them, and therefore who is the real enemy? I heard a couple of conspiracy theories, or real theories for that matter. Some say that it is Americans who are supplying the weapons. Other say the Israeli Army leaving them behind. Either way, don't you think that the supplier of the weapons are just as guilty as those using the weapons? 
Secondly, why are we focusing on the act itself rather then how the act keeps happening? We always have the same reaction, the same cause and affect, the same before and after. Why are we so unable to stop the act before it happens? I believe fighting brings about more fighting. So why is nobody trying to cut off their supply source? I will tell you why. If it in fact The United States supplying the weapons, they must have an agenda. What is their agenda? I would say something along the lines of letting all the arab countries destroy each other until there is nothing left of the land, and then America can go and own it. However, if that is the case, then why is the west still accepting Muslim extremists as refugees? Is it because they too are afraid of being terrorized by them?
Listen, all I am trying to put forth is, which side are you going to chose? Will you forever be on the reacting side of mourning and crying and not understanding why these crazy people are doing these things? Or are you going to be on the side of trying to figure out the agenda behind the supplier, and trying to stay a step ahead before the tragedy strikes?