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  • Friday ,08 May 2015

Happy people in Egypt and Switzerland

Ezzat Boulos

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Friday ,08 May 2015

Happy people in Egypt and Switzerland

I lived in Switzerland that’s according to the UN has the happiest people all over the world, and also lived in Egypt that came in the 155 place at the same list. I have to think and compare between the two countries.

Switzerland is a well-developed country where Egypt is still struggling to fight retardation and illiteracy. I wondered as I saw the Egyptian people respecting the law in Switzerland and system even better than the Europeans. There, the streets are clean and appealing unlike the dirty ones here. Furthermore, the people use crosswalks unlike people in Egypt who face death while trying to cross the road among the speeding vehicles. 
Women in Zurich are always well-dressed unlike women in Egypt. Children are being educated while having fun, unlike children in Egypt who suffer from retarded curricula and stupid educating techniques that makes education in Egypt a hectic and boring operation that harms rather than benefits our children. Such system affects the people really bad and makes them not willing to work after graduation since most of them have not learned well and have not chosen their career.
Here, I should stop comparing between Egypt and Switzerland since the people in Switzerland work so hard to benefit their country without talking much, however they are described as infidels by many religious people in Egypt who don’t really work.