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  • Thursday ,07 May 2015

Establishing a secular party in Egypt

Magdi George

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Thursday ,07 May 2015

Establishing a secular party in Egypt

In the early twentieth century, the great liberal man Ahmad Lutfi al-Sayed, run for the parliamentary elections.

However he didn't need so much effort to win the elections; his enemies decided to defame him claiming he is a democratic man who left Islam and embraced the Western democracy that promotes freedoms and pornography. The ignorant people asked Lutfi al-Sayed: Are you democratic? Of course, I am, said he. This simple answer was more than enough to burn his electoral platform and cause him great loss.

This story happened in Egypt several times as the ignorant people are being manipulated to achieve certain goals.
Now, the story happens once again after a group of Egyptians decided to establish a secular party in Egypt. Many people decided to accuse this party and its founders of atheism, which was denied by its founders. 
In fact, the party cares for the people and helps them more than many religious parties that trade on religion instead of helping them. 
Egyptian media is distorting awareness of the people instead of helping them. Many people are playing the old game to destroy similar people with brilliant ideas like that one.
Those people who bring such parties are less harmful for the people than supporters of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood who kill and demolish in the name of God including many countries around the world.