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  • Thursday ,30 April 2015

State of Tarabin

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,30 April 2015

State of Tarabin
It is amazing to know that Egypt has received support by many states and tribes in its war against terrorism. Yes, tribes are acting more like states with many soldiers and heavy weapons.
The state of Tarabin is one of the tribes that offered to help our military and police in the evacuation of terrorists from the villages of Mahdia and Agraa that are considered strongholds of terrorists in Sinai. More than 300 soldiers moved with their heavy gear to liberate those villages and they succeeded. I really don’t know what they did to the terrorists or how they punished them.
In fact, Tarabin is not a state but a tribe in northern Sinai that claims patriotism to Egypt, and may be more patriot than myself. However, this doesn’t give it the right to possess such kind of heavy weapons. I think this is another sign of the state of chaos in Sinai since the terrorists have established their own state and are being fought by the state of  Tarabin!
The Question should be: What this tribe have more than our police and army to fight their war against the terrorist? Do they have better weapons, training or intelligence?
It could be a matter of taking revenge between tribes, which is even more dangerous. However, our police and army should have the same reason to fight this war and take revenge from the killers of their brothers. Now, the great Egyptian state allows its people and tribes to take revenge for themselves away from the law. In short,
Long live Egypt, and down all internal parallel states, even if they are so patriot.