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  • Friday ,24 April 2015

The rule will be implemented

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,24 April 2015

The rule will be implemented

I wrote this article after the court issued its ruling concerning the Presidential palace incidents, which turned it into a torture chambers for enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood, I mean the peaceful demonstrators.

The event was planned by the deputy of the president, Ahmed Mekky.
I don’t comment on the rule. Indeed, the judge knows and sees more than we do. However, the judge pleased supporters of the ousted president by giving Mohamed Morsy this fake rule of innocence concerning killing the demonstrators. Yet, some of them are sad as they couldn’t mourn the beheaded of their hero who could have been sentenced to death penalty.
Moreover, I tell those fans that sooner or later Morsy will be sentenced to death penalty. This is the least punishment for couple of charges he faces including spying for foreign countries and betraying his country and his people. 
Prison is not new for Morsy and his group. Moreover, death penalty is a reward for this man and his terrorist group. We are waiting for the judgment to sentence him to death penalty after he betrayed his country and his people.