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  • Thursday ,09 April 2015

Salafist plans

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,09 April 2015

Salafist plans

Many plans aiming to restore the Islamic Caliphate by Turkey appeared these days to restore the Ottoman Empire from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf with the help of the small state of Qatar and the international terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. These plans were ignited by the corruption of Arab governments, increasing religious extremism and poverty. 

At that time, the so-called Arab Spring has started with toppling the govenment inTunisia spreading to other Arab countries in North Africa away from the Gulf countries since Saudi Arabia has supported the Arab Spring hoping to impose Islamic ruling on other countries. This plan has started long years ago by the Saudi Arabia taking over many Islamic institutes in Egypt including Al-Azhar that worked on the graduation of fanatics rather than scholars.
When the Muslim Brotherhood failed in ruling North Afirca, Saudi Arabia decided to abandon the terrorist group at the time Iran has entered the game with the help of all Shiites from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to create a state of Persian Gulf Arab Caliphate.
After such plans rendered failure, Saudi Arabia decided to seek help of other countries including Egypt by forming new armed forces to fight Houthis in the South of Yemen since it was not even able to protect its lands from Iraq during the Second Gulf War.  
Since Egyptian religious institutions are dominated by Saudi Arabia, they should support the shameful situation of Saudi Arabia towards ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
Fighting the Yemen's Houthis is so similar to fighting Copts in Egypt by the Salafis supported by several officials. This was crystal clear in Minya when fanatics refused building a licensed church for 21 Coptic martyrs in Libya and police have 
attacked the church of St. Joseph and insulting Christian sanctities as well as preventing the Christian prayers. Later, the Church of Archangel Raphael in Alexandria was attacked. 
Such war against Christians should be stopped by the presidency before terrorism extends to the rest of Egyptian governorates. It's now or never!