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  • Wednesday ,08 April 2015

Anniversary of April 6 movement

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,08 April 2015

Anniversary of April 6 movement
Today is the anniversary of of April 6 movement. This movement that brought much hope to change in the Egyptian reality. However, its very first activities were covered with blood of those who participated in the demonstrations in Mahala al-Kubra. At that time, many people asked: is the movement playing on the suffering and needs of the Egyptian people or not? Time passed and many questions about the movement were answered and the rest are still waiting for the answers.
One of the questions:Is it a pure Egyptian movement or just agents for foreign organizations? Does it have some connections with the Muslim Brotherhood or the National Democratic Party. Maybe it was just ignored by the ruling party until it became strong at the revolution of January 25.
After the revolution, many facts were revealed about the movement including the arms of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the movement. It was divided and many agents who claimed nationality were exposed.
Now, the movement has vanished and its remains lie in the history with pure young men who sacrificed their lives for the nation. In the  account of the movement, we realize that pure ideas may be manipulated by foreign entities and organizations. I don't know whether it was originally founded by pure Egyptians or by such foreign entities, but it carries the idea of liberation with pure Egyptian hands. The movement was used till it collapsed. Greetings to the souls of the martyrs who loved their homeland to the end.