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  • Tuesday ,07 April 2015

Unforgivable mistakes

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,07 April 2015

Unforgivable mistakes
Egyptian history will not forgive the Supreme Council of the armed forces headed by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and his deputy Lieutenant General Sami Annan, since they handed the former president and hero of the wars Hosni Mubarak to a group of traitors who don't seek the good of this nation.
Those traitors decided to take revenge of him and his glorious history and to judge him on the crimes of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. 
Mubarak was accused of killing the demonstrators and other fake accusations that members of the Supreme Council and many other witnesses testified he hasn't committed.
It was an unforgivable mistake committed by members of the SCAF to send the Egyptian hero to prison among the killers and drug smugglers in order to fulfill the desire of the Muslim Brotherhood.  
I wouldn't call not to judge Mubarak, but rather to make him stand trial before military courts as sign of respect to his significant military rank. Dears Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Lieutenant General Sami Annan,you have committed an unforgivable sin by handing your commander to such filthy group. Now, I hope President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi fixes the situation and restore dignity and respect of the Egyptian hero Hosni Mubarak.