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  • Thursday ,02 April 2015

Congregation of Galaa Church crying on President al-Sisi

John France

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Thursday ,02 April 2015

Congregation of Galaa Church crying on President al-Sisi

Copts of Galaa village in Samalout, Minya, claimed their right in rebuilding their demolished church that was built more than 40 years ago. Yet, the extremists of their village refused such repairing and even stoned houses of the Copts. Furthermore, police have failed to convince those fanatics to accept repairing the church by all means.

After negotiations with the police, the fanatics imposed unacceptable conditions to allow the repairing including never to allow repairing the church once again in case it is demolished for any reason. Thus, the repairing was adjourned  sine die.

They didn't accept the rule of law. They couldn't see equality among Egyptian citizens. I wonder how come police negotiate building the church with such extremist and criminals who do not seek good for Egypt, contempt Christian religion and harm or intrude on others.

Many poor Copts cried of the President Abudl Fattah al-Sisi to help them and give their rights back. We're equal Egyptian citizens who should enjoy equal rights in their country.