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  • Wednesday ,01 April 2015

Folk costume

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,01 April 2015

Folk costume
During the economic conference in Egypt, an African man appeared in strange costumes which provoked many Egyptians to make fun of him on Facebook and other social networking sites.
However, I believe we, the Egyptians, deserve much mockery as we abandoned our customs and national dresses long time ago. In our streets, we can only find dresses from Gulf countries and even Spain, but not the original Egyptian costumes! Our beautiful colorful dresses and head covers have disappeared. Jalabiya can rarely be found in our towns and cities.
Our costumes reflects our identity. In Morocco, there is a special cover for the head that immediately reveals the identity of Moroccan men and women.
We are now ashamed of our customs and encourage each other to abandon our heritage considering it's shameful! This also appeared in several songs including one by Sabah and Fouad al-Mohandes in which the wife encourages her husband to wear modern clothes in order to be civilized! In fact, respecting our civilization and heritage is the first step to be civilized.