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  • Friday ,13 March 2015

It will be okay

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 March 2015

It will be okay

I saw a picture on Facebook the other day that was really quite hilarious. I had all the leaders of Egypt and put their picture there. When it came to the Morsi Era, there was a picture of a monkey with sunglasses. 

I find it exceptionally funny, because whoever depicted Morsi as a monkey, was spot on in terms of the contribution he made to our country. Why am I talking about a picture of Morsi? What's the significance. The world saw Morsi as an animal that had no serious positive impact on the economy, political system, society or any other means. He was a president that was in every way mocked for all the ridiculous things he said. 
What is my hope? My hope is the Muslim Brotherhood soon gets ridiculed as Morsi did, to put an end to their pointless power. When I saw power, I do not mean political power, I mean their power over terrorism. I was just speaking to some foregieners the other day, and they were so heartbroken over Egypt. They were saying they wanted to visit Egypt, and wanted their kids to visit as well, but they are afraid they will be abducted or bombed. They seem to think that we will need several generations to pass by before Egypt can make any leeway in terms of developing a democracy, a sound political infrastructure, a stable society again.
The sad part is, I kind of agree with them. All children, no matter which country they were raised in, all learned about the pyramids, pharoahs, mummies etc... There is no exception. If you were a kid at some point in your life, you probably shared the same dream of visiting Egypt. Right now, however, it is just not possible. We have bombings every single day. Bombs going off downtown, bombs being placed in the metro, bombs difused in front of churches. This is absolutely not acceptable to cultivate a tourist attraction. Nobody will want to come to a place where they fear for their lives.
Which brings me back to my main point, the monkeys. We need to find a way to support Sisi and his fight against terrorism. If you think about suicide bombers, there is no punishment that will be suffecient. Why? How can you jail someone who kills themselves anyways? It's not going to work. We need to take a pro-active, preventitive approach to eliminating the threat completely, either through strict laws, or close monitoring of cultural values or beliefs. I'm not blaming Islam, I'm blaming the teachings of killings, terrorism, violence that is coming from animals like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Daash and all other mindless drones teaching our poor children these terrible values.